FrontierVille Italian Bust up for grabs in Mafia Wars Italy

For those of us that play more than one game from Zynga, it's always nice to be rewarded for our loyalty with free items for playing multiple games in the developer's catalog. We have yet another example of such a reward, as tonight Zynga has launched the FrontierVille Italian Bust cross-promotion with Mafia Wars.

Follow us behind the break to find out how to get yours.

The next time you login to FrontierVille, you'll be met with a pop-up like the one at the top of this post. From there, you can immediately load Mafia Wars in a new window and go about the business of earning said Italian Bust.

The Bust is earned for completing one particular job in Mafia Wars Italy, that being the "Find an Old Family Friend" mission, which happens to be the very first mission available in Region 2 of Italy, Palermo. If you've played the game long enough to unlock Italy, chances are you'll be able to easily complete this job and receive your reward. Just remember that in order to access Region 2 of Italy, you'll first need to complete all of Region 1's jobs and defeat the boss at the end.

Complete the mission and you'll be able to head back to FrontierVille where your brand new Italian Bust will be waiting for you in your inventory.

Will you play Mafia Wars Italy long enough to receive your Italian Bust in FrontierVille? Let us know what you think about these cross-promotions by leaving a shout in the comments. Add comment
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