FishVille: Round two of Halloween decorations creep into your tank


FishVille released a fairly large set of 14 Halloween items last Friday, which we covered extensively to keep you in the know. Today, the next set of Halloween spooktacular items has hit the FishVille store, and you can have your hands on these scary themed items just in time for Halloween. Here's a glimpse at the haunted new stuff:

Skeleton Fish - 8 Sand Dollars
Zombie - 12 Sand Dollars
Scarecrow - 12 Sand Dollars
Frankenstein - 10 Sand Dollars
Ornate Tombstone - 5 Sand Dollars
Wide Tombstone - 4 Sand Dollars
Halloween Background - 10 Sand Dollars
Halloween Gravel - 5 Sand Dollars

Notice a trend here? This Halloween you won't be able to get away cheap. All of these items will cost you Sand Dollars, so you'll have to spend your cash in order to take part with these decorations. Perhaps there will be more this week as Halloween creeps ever closer? We hope so, because there is nothing more fun than a haunted Halloween aquarium for our fish!

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