Cupcake Corner bakes tasty goods with Halloween Cupcakes and more

Cupcake Corner Halloween Cupcake
Cupcake Corner Halloween Cupcake

Omgpop's Cupcake Corner is one of the cuter games on the Facebook scene right now. Who can go wrong with delicious treats and a whimsical art style that would look great in a feature cartoon film. With all of the Halloween craze going on, Cupcake Corner was not to be outdone. There is now a brand new Halloween Ghost Cupcake available in your recipe book that can be made to celebrate the holiday. They only take 15 minutes to complete, and give out 150 total coins and 22 XP for baking them. What's better than that?

For those who aren't in the Halloween spirit but are high enough level to make them, there are a couple new additional treats that can be baked. The new Truffles are a level 50 item that give out 4740 coins and 180 xp. For the true masters, the level 60 Ice Cream Cake is a delicious bite of happiness that delivers 1337 coins (get it, leet?) and 80 xp for baking.

What's your favorite treat in Cupcake Corner?

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