Cheap flight to Australia: $838 round-trip

V Australia logo
V Australia logo

Get a super cheap flight to Australia

on V Australia, a new airline from space mogul Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines. Book the deal through Travelocity using the above link. Offer expires tomorrow, Oct. 27, 2010, according to Travelocity, though V Australia says you can purchase a ticket until Nov. 17, 2010. Round trip fares to Australia start at $838, with the cheapest flights leaving from Los Angeles and San Francisco. The best fares will go first, no doubt.

Travel now through June 8, 2010 and buy your tickets 7-days in advance to qualify for these low prices. All V Australia flights have in-flight WiFi . Being able to browse the Internet certainly makes the long flight pass more quickly!

Caveats: tickets must be purchased by November 17, 2010. Taxes and fees apply. Taking advantage of this deal supports WalletPop.

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