Cafe Life: Get references and adopt your own Halloween Kitty

Cafe Life Halloween Kitty
Cafe Life Halloween Kitty

Cafe Life has a neat way to allowing you to adopt animals. Just like in real life, you need references from your friends in order to be eligible to purchase them. Of course, references are recieved by sending requests to your friends. It is a Facebook game, after all! The latest adoptable pet to wander into Cafe Life is the Halloween Kitty. This adorable little black cat comes with a cute witches hat and a Jack-o-Lantern by its side.

To get the Halloween Kitty, you have to get 5 friends to be references for you. Alternatively, you can also pay 50 Facebook Credits to simply unlock the ability to have this cat, or pay 10 Facebook Credits per friend. At around $5.00, that's a lot of money to pay for an animated cat that doesn't do much in your bakery but lay around. But hey, it's the Halloween season and we know how exciting it can be to decorate in your favorite game for the holiday.

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