Best Buy Hiring -- But You Have to Know Where to Look

best buyBest Buy is hiring seasonal sales help in Sausalito, Marin County, California.

That's no surprise. After all, IBM, reports Portfolio, anticipates holiday spending on electronics and gadgets to be up about four percent. Best Buy is the cool retailer for shopping for those kinds of gifts. What is the surprise is that this year you will have to check out if Best Buy is hiring in your community. There is no overall announcement in the media that jobs are available.

How to do this? Swing by the stores themselves in the area. If there isn't a help wanted sign on the window, go inside and ask for the manager. Be assertive, as in "I know Best Buy's product line and your care for the customer. Here is my resume. When should I follow up?" Another way is to key in on the Internet "Best Buy" in your local area. There may be an announcement about hiring. A third way is the old fashioned one of networking. Ask everyone you know who knows anything about the local Best Buy outlets, if there are openings and who you should see about them.

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