Vampire Wars Blood Brothers and Halloween Avatar Sets bring spine-chilling style

Blood Brothers Akem's Gamble
Blood Brothers Akem's Gamble

Zynga decided that with this year's Halloween, Vampire Wars would pay homage to the greats of vampire history: Count Orlok, Count Dracula, Lestat and... Edward Cullen? Well, some of the greats anyway. Through Oct. 31, players can take a chance in Akem's Gamble to win one of these four vampire-inspired abilities:

  • Ancient Blood: Offensive, 115 Attack, 40 Defense

  • Class: Defensive, 50 Attack, 110 Defense

  • Nosferatuan Thirst: Movement, 95 Attack, 60 Defense

  • Popularity: Defensive, 50 Attack, 105 Defense

Collect all four to receive an Epic Ability, Blood Bond, which carries an impressive 210 Attack and 50 Defense. Join us after the break for a look at the new Halloween Avatar sets.

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