Vampire Wars Blood Brothers and Halloween Avatar Sets bring spine-chilling style

Blood Brothers Akem's Gamble
Zynga decided that with this year's Halloween, Vampire Wars would pay homage to the greats of vampire history: Count Orlok, Count Dracula, Lestat and... Edward Cullen? Well, some of the greats anyway. Through Oct. 31, players can take a chance in Akem's Gamble to win one of these four vampire-inspired abilities:

  • Ancient Blood: Offensive, 115 Attack, 40 Defense
  • Class: Defensive, 50 Attack, 110 Defense
  • Nosferatuan Thirst: Movement, 95 Attack, 60 Defense
  • Popularity: Defensive, 50 Attack, 105 Defense

Collect all four to receive an Epic Ability, Blood Bond, which carries an impressive 210 Attack and 50 Defense. Join us after the break for a look at the new Halloween Avatar sets.
Red Death SetDia Los Muertos
Inspired by the Spanish holiday "Dia De Los Muertos," or the Day of the Dead, these two absolutely beautiful Avatar sets are only available from random Mission drops through Oct. 31, but each provide the same 2 Defense, 18 Energy stat bonus. Oddly enough for a social game, these items cannot be purchased at all and must be found while completing Missions. Man, if only every Facebook game followed that philosophy during the holidays.

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What do you think of the Halloween festivities in Vampire Wars? Have you gotten lucky yet with either set of items? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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