Tucson with Teens: A Perfect Family Day

Tucson with Teens: A Family Vacation
Tucson with Teens: A Family Vacation


Summertime and the living is easy in Tucson, Ariz. Winter visitors and University of Arizona students are gone, roads are as open as the skies, resorts and motels offer good deals, and reservations, even at the top restaurants, are often unnecessary. How's the weather? Naturally, it is hot (upwards of 100 degrees and dry during much of June and July). Monsoon rains usually begin by mid-July, however, and bring dramatic thunderstorms, knockout sunsets, lower temperatures and higher humidity. So, if you're planning a Tucson family adventure with teens, this is the time to do it! You'll relish the absence of the crowds.

Here's my idea of one perfect family day in Tucson with teens. From rugged hikes and sunset vistas to museum visits and shopping ventures, you'll find plenty of fun things to do. Tucson cuisine is a must, as well!

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