Treasure Isle: Haunted Voyages await you and your Pirate Ghost Ship

Start Your Haunted Voyage
Since Halloween still isn't here yet, there's more time for Zynga to stuff your favorite games with Halloween-themed events and items like the new Haunted Voyages in Treasure Isle. Log in today and you'll find the option to place a Pirate Ghost Ship on the coast of your home island, ready to take on one of three Haunted Voyages. But you'll need a willing crew first.

Each of the three Voyages requires either two, four or six crew members to embark upon--thankfully your friends can "gift" you a creepy crew member from the Gifts page if they simply don't feel like helping. You can also unlock crew slots for 5 Island Cash a piece, but asking a few friends never hurt anyone.Once you have enough crew members to at least take on Ghostbeard's Boo-ty, you'll have to complete its four stars of mastery to win all of the loot he has to offer. According to the Zynga forums, some particularly awesome items await those who complete each Voyage with four stars. Can you master all three adventures before the big night?

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