Square Enix brings Final Fantasy to Facebook with two new games

chocobo crystal tower
If there's one thing missing in Facebook games, it's crystals and giant ostrich-chicken hybrids. You can rest easy -- game publisher Square Enix plans to fill in that void with two new Facebook games, Chocobo's Crystal Tower and Knights of the Crystals. The games both draw inspiration from the popular Final Fantasy video game series -- in other words they're brimming with cute (but deadly) characters and an art style that will be immediately familiar to any fan of the franchise.

Chocobo's Crystal Tower is the infinitely cuter of the two, tasking players with hatching and raising a chocobo cute fit enough to embark on adventures into the dark Towers where monsters defend ancient relics. Players are rewarded with gil -- a Final Fantasy staple -- to buy food and equipment for their chocobos that increase their fighting strength.

Knights of the Crystals facebook
Knights of the Crystals (KotC) is a much more serious game that was released on Japanese social networks earlier this year and just now brought to the U.S. Dropping you in the middle of a war with the Arcana Company, a clan of monsters after crystal artifacts, combat is the primary focus of this Mafia Wars-meets-Final Fantasy social game. The quest system works almost exactly like it does in ga mes like -- dare I say it -- Mafia Wars, but KotC's class system could prove to be a major differential.

Both games are in beta testing right now with some features (*ahem* paid transactions) and buttons currently disabled, but we're almost certain Square Enix won't sit on this golden chocobo egg very long. We've contacted Square Enix for more details on both games.

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