Restaurant City's Escape Helicopter would make the Governator proud

Escape Helicopter
Escape Helicopter

Only Schwarzenegger in Restaurant City during the undead invasion screaming, "Get to the choppa!" would make this item any more awesome. Only available for another five hours as of this writing, this 450,000 coins (yikes!) item will add +1 to your maximum popularity.

Not to mention it might ensure your safety from the impending zombie hordes, but more on that later. While it's generous of Playfish to only charge coins for this item and not Playfish Cash, I sure don't know many folks with nearly a half million of them. Especially for something that, "just kind of flashed and moved a bit," says the item's description. Regardless of whether it will save your lives, at least it'll look super cool next to your mad scientist's lab and cadaver-crawling cafe.

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Will you be shelling out nearly half a million coins for this limited edition item? Would you rather pay Playfish Cash in a situation like this? Speak out in the comments. Add Comment.