Pet Society's Spooky Garden and other Halloween goodies now available

At the end of September, Playfish announced the Halloween Competition 2010 in Pet Society, challenging fans of their pet-care game to create items for potential inclusion within the game during October. Well, Halloween is practically upon us, and the developer has added the winning items to the game, along with a whole slew of other spooktacularly themed goodies.

First and foremost, Playfish is excited to let players build their own Spooky Garden within the game, offering three different seeds, hand-picked by us, the players of the game during the competition. There is a seed for trees, flowers, and vegetables, with the Vegetable Seed costing just 500 coins, but having three different potential outcomes. According to Playfish, these are the spookiest seeds we can buy, and we'd have to agree.

Other items include Halloween themed flower pots (one skull and one pumpkin) that allow you to pull flowers straight from your garden and then display them within your home. For those with a romantic personality, you can purchase pretty purple, yet somewhat gothic items that can be sent to friends, with these gifts only opening on Halloween (because who wouldn't want a purple dragon fountain as a present?).

Spooky Collectibles are available in the furniture store, allowing you to earn a free room to display them in, if you purchase all four (a total cost of 59 Playfish Cash), while a Ghost Potion can be found in the Boutique that will scare your friends more than any other item in the theme (by turning your pet into a ghost!).

Other items include full Halloween costumes (Vampire, Pumpkin, Ghost, & Wizard, among others), a Grim Reaper limited edition statue, and tons of Halloween accessories, like jack-o-lanterns, wall art, and even a jar of eyeballs.

These items will only be available in the game until October 31, so shop fast!

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Which of these terrifyingly awesome items will you be adding to your collection this Halloween? Let us know in the comments! Add comment

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