Pet Society player's virtual home stripped clean by burglars

pet society burglar
pet society burglar

If you're still on the hunt for a topical Halloween costume, try this one on for size -- a Pet Society burglar.

A wacky news story reports that a thief broke into 44-year-old Sicilian woman's Facebook account and cleaned out her virtual house in the game Pet Society, taking $140 worth of virtual items, including paintings, carpets, aquariums and mirrors. All that was left when Paola Letizia logged into the game was her pet named 'Blue Cat.'

'I don't think it matters that the flat only exists in Facebook. It is real to me, and I have suffered a real loss.' Letizia told Italian media.

Italy's postal police are investigating the matter, and authorities say the crime is punishable with up to five years in prison.

In the meantime, we're still scratching our heads wondering why anyone would steal virtual goods. Is there some kind of Pet Society black market we haven't stumbled upon yet? We contacted Pet Society-maker Playfish for an official comment.

Image courtesy of Gawker.

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