New Halloween Happy Pets glow in the dark! Can you spot 'em?

If you're at all familiar with Happy Pets, you'll know the CrowdStar likes releasing special pets that are limited edition, meaning that they will only be available to a certain number of players, as there are only so many of each pet to go around.

A new set of pets has been released in just such a way, and CrowdStar is claiming that they go along with the game's Halloween celebration (maybe because they'd be great flashlights when trick-or-treating?). The pets are glow pets, and they come in the form of a Pink Iguana, a Yellow Triceratops, a Blue Bear, and a Green Dragon. These aren't just any pets though - these glow with a bright aura surrounding the pet in the same color as the pet themselves.

Each pet costs anywhere from 58 to 70 Facebook Credits, or around $6-7 (US) each. Are they worth it? I'm not sure, but what I do know is how handy it would be to have one of these glowing pets when the lights go out.

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Are you going to pick up a glowing pet before they sell out from the store? Let us know in the comments!