Mafia Wars' 'Take Out a Rival Operation' Secret Mission calls for seven mobsters

Secret Mission Take Out a Rival Operation
Time to start calling up the family. A new Secret Mission (new name) was recently added to Mafia Wars titled "Take Out a Rival Operation," according to Mafia Wars Maniac, that requires seven extra helpers to complete. Considered a Hard mission, the three-day job asks for both Stamina and Energy users--with one role requiring both--and will pay in Lira. There are a slew of common, uncommon and rare items to win in addition to some extra cash.

Find more information on the possible item rewards after the break.
Secret Mission Items


  • Death Dealer Minigun: 48 Attack, 64 Defense
  • Z4 Night Prowler: 57 Attack, 35 Defense
  • Armed Doorman: 51 Attack, 24 Defense
  • Reef Shark: 55 Attack, 24 Defense


  • Fatima: Collection Item
  • Mountain Lion: Collection Item
  • Four of a Kind: Collection Item
  • Turkey Vulture: 62 Attack, 50 Defense


  • Alpine: 35 Attack, 57 Defense
  • Sumatra Tiger: 60 Attack, 30 Defense

Players are complaining about some of the potential items being those from collections in much older locations and thus offering little to no help for players currently in Italy. While there still are some impressive rare items to win like the Sumatra Tiger, hopefully Zynga addresses this issue and replaces these otherwise useless items with some that are slightly more valuable to players at this moment.

What do you think of the new Secret Mission? Is it worth the effort or would you rather press on in Italy? Speak your mind in the comments. Add Comment.
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