Mafia Wars Italy Severed Pinky: How to find this missing digit

mafia wars severed pinky how to find it
mafia wars severed pinky how to find it

If there's one thing that's likely to stand in your way of making progress in Mafia Wars, it's those darn consumable items required to complete jobs. Just when you thought you were done with hunting down random items, Mafia Wars Italy arrives and it starts all over again with Severed Pinky, Rail Ticket, Hidden Charges and Smart Phone consumables.

Number one on everyone must-have consumable list is the Severed Pinky. You'll need pinkies to complete the 'Send A Message to the Di Rossa Family' job in Mafia Wars Italy Region 1 Roma.

mafia wars severed pinky
mafia wars severed pinky

You'll need a total of 91 Severed Pinky items to master all four levels of the 'Send a Message' job. That breaks down into the following per mastery level:

Bronze : 15 Severed Pinky
Silver : 17 Severed Pinky
Gold : 25 Severed Pinky
Ruby : 34 Severed Pinky