Madden NFL Superstars' Pro League II begins with Stadium 2 in massive update

Pro League II is here!
Pro League II is here!

In case you're still drudging through Pro League I in Madden NFL Superstars, here's a wake-up call. With Playfish's recent update to the game, Pro League II has arrived along with a bunch of new features. After completing the first Pro League, this new, timed challenge will open up to players tasking them with taking on the American and National Divisions.

The reason we say "timed" is because if you complete Pro League II within the time limit you'll be able to sign a 99-rated player, the highest-rated player in the game. How it works is that when you begin a Pro League II Division, you will be given a player card who's rating will increase by four points with every Division timer met--there are nine timers in all. Not to mention that Pro League II can also reward players with up to 30,000 coins, more contract cards to extend time with limited edition players and 14-point game changers. Wait, are those even possible?

Along with the Pro League II must come a Stadium to hold it. Stadium 2 will grow along with your progress in the new league just like the first Stadium. But of course it'll have much cooler stuff. (Why show it off if it didn't?) But don't worry, Stadium 1 won't be left behind, just waiting to be demolished. That old heap of junk will now net you 750 coins every eight hours just like a property in, say, ESPNU College Town. Forum goers have mentioned Pro League II Division timers to be as short as two days to win the 99-rated players. If this is the case, only the most dedicated fans will have a chance at these powerful players. Looks like it all depends on whether you want them badly enough or if you have enough time on your hands.

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