Happy Pets' Caramel Ferret: Won't you help your friends adopt one?


With the high price of many of Happy Pets' exotic animals (most seem to cost a few real-world dollars or more), we've found that one of the easiest ways to get your hands on a more unique species of pet is to look out for the lost pet notifications that can sometimes appear at random while playing the game.

CrowdStar has given away multiple animals from a variety of species in such a manner (rabbits, for one), with the newest available pet being the Caramel Ferret. Just make sure to keep a look out for posts alerting you to your finding, so that you can post the free ferret on your wall for your friends to claim.

Want a ferret for yourself? That's simple too - just make sure to keep checking your Facebook news feed for posts from your Happy Pets neighbors that have found a ferret themselves, and claim your new (did we mention free?) pet with a simple click.

[Image Credit: CrowdStar]

Have you found a Caramel Ferret in your own game yet? Have you adopted one that your friend has found? Sound off in the comments.