Halloween candy recall: Mega Pops lollipops might have metal in them

Mega Pop recallYou might want to check that Halloween candy before giving it out or letting kids eat it. Certain lots of Mega Pops lollipops are being recalled because the candy may contain "minute traces" of stainless steel, said candy maker Colombina SA.

A consumer complaint prompted North Carolina Department of Agriculture inspectors to test samples of the candy imported from Colombia. That state agency found metal fibers and flakes in the candy and issued a consumer warning.

While Colombina said it believes there is no health risk, it urged customers to return any bag of Mega Pops -- regardless of lot number -- to store where it was purchased for either a refund or store credit.

"Stainless steel cooking materials and utensils are used by almost every food manufacturer in the manufacturing process. If ingested in trace amounts, it is hygienic, inert and safe," a Colombina spokesman told Consumer Ally. The company has received an unverified report of a minor injury linked to the recalled candy.

The recalled lots of Mega Pops -- about 90,000 bags total -- were sold nationwide at Dollar General, Family Dollar, Variety and Fred's stores as well as through wholesalers. The Miami company has stopped selling Mega Pops in the United States for now until this situation is resolved.

The recalled lots are watermelon, cherry, orange and grape-flavored lollipops in 14-ounce and 28-ounce cellophane bags with the UPC code numbers of either 0 14272 10873 9 or 0 14272 10862 3. The lot numbers of 1240695, 1209708, or 1209796 can be found in a white square on the back of the bag in the lower left side.

"We are always guided by customer safety and satisfaction," Colombina USA Vice President Carlos Gil said in announcing the recall. Consumers can call the company at (888) 317-3686.

Mega Pops is not the only candy to get recalled today. The FDA also announced the recall of Raisinets.

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