ESPNU College Town enjoys South District and balancing from recent update

ESPNU Venues
If this most recent update to ESPNU College Town is any indication, the folks at Playdom are listening. Based on player feedback, the studio has changed the event timers to all sporting events so that they all complete in the same time regardless of division--their only differences now are the payout between Divisions (Division I events will always pay most) and the event timers for each different sport. According to a forum post accompanying the update, Playdom plans to release shorter events soon to give players more options.

Finally, the team has made Entertainment venues like the recent Windows 7 Tech Lab put out double the cash, making these buildings much more useful. Most importantly, there is now a third district to expand into: the South district. However, this will be invisible to you if you're below Level 12. Oh, and Playdom also fixed the friend request system so that it actually works, but who needs those?

What do you think of the new changes? And since this is a social game, we guess you can find friends in the comments... if you really want to. Add Comment.
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