Damon Dash's Funky Real Estate Drama

The year 2010 hasn't been a good one for hip hop mogul Damon Dash. He certainly could have used a good financial coach to avoid losing his two multimillion-dollar Tribeca lofts to foreclosure after he reportedly stopped forking over $78,504.20 in monthly payments.

Especially now that the one that was once his prized Tribeca duplex on New York City's North Moore Street is back on the market mere months later.

This time it's listed for more than Dash ever even tried to sell it for himself. Auction-winner Edward Farrell of Platinum Capital scored it for $5.5 million back in July and currently is trying his hand at flipping it for $7.995 million. (Dash paid $3.875 million for it and unsuccessfully tried to resell it for $7.9 million a few years ago.)

Bad money decisions don't bode well with the ladies. Dash might have had an easier time dodging the divorce of his wife, fashion designer Rachel Roy if he'd employed the right relationship counselor instead of auditioning butlers.

We took a tour of the Dash crashpad, and while it is impressive at over 5,000 square feet, we noted how much Dash might have gained from the help of a feng shui expert. Within its walls were some of the stranger logistical and style decisions that money can buy.