City of Wonder Halloween Items: Pumpkin Patch, Hall of Dracula, Mausoleum & More


Yesterday, we detailed City of Wonder's initial Halloween item release, containing items in a Transylvanian theme, along with new items that simply fit the spooky, terrifying theme that Halloween is all about. Adding to the theme is Playdom, who just minutes ago announced the release of even more Halloween themed items in the ancient city-building game.

There are five new items available to purchase. In the in-game store we find a Mausoleum (Cultural tab) and a Pumpkin Patch (Decorations tab). Both items are available for coins, giving everyone a fair shot at having them.

Meanwhile, two new limited edition items have been released, available to purchase from the Bulliten that appears upon initially loading the game. These are the Spooky Mansion and the Pumpkin Pair decorative item. They cost 30 and 33 Gold pieces respectively, and as of this writing there are around 16-20 thousand of each left available to purchase.

Finally, for those looking to complete their Transylvanian gift set, look out for the Hall of Dracula which is now available to send to friends from the game's free gifts menu. This item provides 90 Happiness and 9 Culture points to your town. As we've seen, these limited time gifts don't stay around for long, so ask your friends to send you one soon to have a chance at collecting them all!

[Image Credit: Playdom]

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Have you collected all of the Transylvanian gifts made available so far? Which of these new items do you like the best? Let us know in the comments.