Best peanut butter cups? We rank the house brands

Store Brand Scorecard peanut butter cups
Store Brand Scorecard peanut butter cups

We're quickly approaching every kid and confectionery company's favorite day of the year -- Halloween. Some of you might think you're too old to dress up or go trick or treating. Never, we say. Halloween visits to the University of Wisconsin in Madison and Yale remain some of the fondest memories of Store Brand Scorecard's college experience.

Now at Yale, the kids didn't go trick or treating, but Liquor Treating, which based on our morning-after experiences, we wouldn't recommend. But should you need a sweet treat to go with your the door-to-door boozing, or some candy to dish out to traditional Halloween revelers, peanut butter cups are a good, safe bet, a chocolate candy enriched by salty sweetness.

But the ultimate treat is buying a great-tasting brand of peanut butter cups that actually costs less than the national brand. Store Brand Scorecard sampled Reese's and three store brand varieties of peanut butter cups, to find the best tasting product for the price. All products were purchased this fall in Chicago-area grocery stores. Prices are subject to change.