101 Ways to Make Extra Cash for the Holidays

The holiday season is looming and you're finding yourself a little bit short on cash. Maybe you received a pay cut or you won't be getting that bonus this year. If you want to be able to buy those hot news toys for your kids or that crave-worthy new gadget (iPad, anyone?) for yourself or for that other special someone in your life, you should try one or more of our 101 ways to make extra cash for the holidays. Someone's pain can most certainly be your gain for this coming season.

If you don't mind manual labor...

1. Winterize people's homes.

2. Wash and groom people's pets.

3. If you're able-bodied, shovel snow for money.

4. Clean out gutters.

5. Rake leaves for a separate fee.

6. Become a pooper scooper.

7. Wash and detail people's cars.

8. Become skilled at fixing things and offer your services to the community.

If you have a an eye for design...

9. Act as a personal shopper.

10. Become an image consultant.

11. For a reasonable sum, offer to hang holiday lights and decorations for others.

12. Gift wrap the gift-giver's gifts for them. Find gift wrapping jobs >>

13. Sell your photos to stock agencies, or submit them for use on AOL through SEED.

If you are into arts 'n' crafts...

14. Get crafting, and sell your creations at flea markets or craft shows.

15. Make things (clothes, crafts, toys, furniture, etc.) and sell them on Etsy.com.

16. Find clients to commission murals for you to paint.

If you have an entertaining talent...

17. Take your talent to the streets and try entertaining passers-by. You may even get discovered!

18. Play an instrument and/or sing? Find restaurants that will let you entertain patrons and receive tips.

If you like writing...

19. Write letters from Santa to kids who have written to him. Be creative!

20. Do freelance work. Write for AOL through SEED >>

21. Proofread or edit other writers' work.

22. Start a blog, and get it sponsored and/or set up merchandising links you can get credit for.

23. Write a book and sell it through LuLu as a digital download.

24. Get paid for writing guides through sites like ChaCha.com.

If you have a knack for academics...

25. Tutor students.

26. Sign-up to teach SAT, GMAT, LSAT, etc. classes.

27. Give e-lessons: teach basics of Word, Quicken, excel, etc. -- advertise through Craigslist

If you like to motivate (or nag)...

28. Give lessons (i.e. singing, dancing, language, piano, swimming, etc.).

29. Be someone's gym buddy, diet coach or bad habit tracker.

If you consider yourself neat and orderly...

30. Reorganize your friends' and neighbors' closets.

31. Offer your services to help people orchestrate a move.

32. Organize and run your neighbor's garage sale for a portion of the profits.

33. Organize your friends' and neighbors' garages.

If you don't mind being a sell-out...

34. Come up with a gimmick like wearing T-shirts to advertise a company for money.

35. Get paid by allowing companies to wrap your vehicle in their advertisement.

If you are reliable and responsible...

36. Spread the word that you are available for house-sitting.

37. Babysit for your friends/neighbors and post your info on community bulletins. Find babysitting jobs >>

38. You could also choose to pet-sit.

39. Take care of houseplants for your friends or neighbors while they are away.

40. Start dog-walking.

41. Run errands for your friends.

If you're skilled in tech...
42. Build or maintain websites for small businesses.

If you are great in the home and garden...

43. Bake cookies/cakes/pies or make jam/jellies/honey to sell

44. Grow produce or flowers to sell at a local farmer's market.

If tedium is not a problem...

45. Address holiday cards for all of your friends, family, co-workers and your acquaintances.

46. Organize/scan/convert photos for others.

47. Transcribe notes.

If you love socializing and meeting new faces...

48. Cater holiday parties.

49. Try your hand at event planning, and plan holiday parties.

50. Make a deal to clean up party venues for some monetary compensation.

51. If you're a cute girl, let boys hire you to play video games with them. Find out more on GameCrush >>

52. Be a friend and guide. Read more about Rent-A-Friend.

If you want to pay it forward...

53. Go grocery shopping for the elderly or the disabled.

54. Make the decision to donate life by donating sperm or eggs.

55. Sell your hair to wig makers.

56. Donate your plasma.

If your nights and weekends are free...

57. Wait tables as you are available. Find waiter or waitress jobs >>

58. Spend your nights slipping into a security guard uniform. Find security guard jobs >>

59. Work evenings or weekends in retail. Find seasonal retail worker jobs >>

60. Sign-up to be a mall Santa this season. Find out more about Santa jobs >>

61. Work as a valet to park and retrieve cars. Find valet jobs >>

62. Become a driver of some sort (truck, delivery, bus, personal). Find driving jobs >>

63. Get a temp job, and fill-in for those on vacation. Find temp jobs >>

64. Work the big events at convention centers.

If you have/have access to a lot of junk...

65. Sell unwanted items for yourself and others on eBay or Craigslist

66. Sell your brand-name clothes with tags to recycling retailers like Plato's Closet or old clothes to consignment shops.

67. Sell your old cameras and equipment to brick and mortar camera shops like Ritz Camera.

68. Sell your college textbooks or other books on Half.com.

69. Collect old cell phones from friends/co-workers to be recycled at greenphone.com.

70. Collect bottles and cans to receive cash refunds from participating recycling centers in certain states. Check your cans and bottles for the universal recycle symbol and the valid state.

71. Pawn something of value.

72. Dig around for antiques (garage sales, your attic, your grandma's attic) and resell them to collectors.

73. Have your own garage sale.

74. Sell your gold for cash.

75. Sell the jewelry your ex gave you. Learn more at Ex-Boyfriend Jewelry's site.

If you have a lot of time on your hands...

76. Search out circulating coins, collect them, and sell them.

77. Strike up a deal to earn some money by waiting for people's packages from the delivery man.

78. Stand in line for impatient people during the mad-rush shopping days.

79. Help "pre-try" cases as an online juror. Find out more at eJury.com or TrialJuries.com.

80. Take surveys online. Try SendEarnings.com or MySurvey.com.

81. Become a secret shopper.

82. Enter into multiple sweepstakes and contests and collect your earnings or sell your prizes.

83. Become a movie extra.

84. Go paparazzo. Hang out at celebrity hot spots and sell any celeb photos you snap.

85. Give your opinion. Sign-up for focus groups.

86. Start your home-based business (multi-level marketing). Read a Mary Kay success story >>

87. Operate a call center from your home. Find out more at Alpine Access.

88. Join a marketplace for work, where you get paid to complete tasks. Check out Mechanical Turk.

If you don't mind lending out your possessions...

89. Offer to let someone use your truck or van to move (better yet, help them move too)

90. Rent out your ladder or home improvement tools.

91. Obtain a powerwasher, leafblower or snowblower and rent it out, along with your service.

If you have a lot of extra space...

92. Rent out a room in your home.

93. Turn your home into a bed & breakfast for weary travelers. Find out more at Crashpadder.com.

94. If you live near a hospital or in a top destination city, rent your basement or extra rooms to long-term visitors.

95. If you have lots of land, rent it out as storage for boats and RVs.

96. If you have an empty garage or shed, rent it out for general storage.

97. Rent out your parking space if you live near a big event venue or in a city with minimal parking.

If you have no fear...

98. Have dare-bets with your friends: "I bet you $100 you couldn't eat 10 Big Macs in 45 minutes!"

99. Sign up to participate in research experiments. Check with your local universities.

100. Become a lab rat and enter into clinical trials.

101. Try your luck in the casinos.

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