Ravenwood Fair Cheats & Tips: Learn how to earn coins fast

Ravenwood Fair
is a hot new game from LOLapps that combines the gameplay from FrontierVille with a new and exciting carnival theme. In this game, the goal is to create your own fair and attract guests, all while keeping your guests safe from the scary critters that live in the forest surrounding you. In order to buy new games and decorations for your fair, you need coins. Here is the essential guide that will teach you how to earn coins in Ravenwood Fair.

Build Games

Building games is not only one of the main objectives of Ravenwood Fair, it actually has a huge coin benefit to you as well. The more games you have, the more visitors will come to your fair. Visitors spend money playing your games, so you can collect coins from them while they are playing. Clearly, it is a good idea to have as many games as you can afford in your fair. Building games does require you to spend coins though, so it might not be the most cost effective way to earn them.

Chop Down Trees

Chopping down trees is an effective way to earn coins, because each time you chop a tree you earn a little bit of coins. The amount ranges from 1-20 per chop, so it can definitely add up to be a substantial amount of dough. You can only chop as long as you have energy though, so this option doesn't work for just anyone.

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