Nurse Practitioner Salary Overview

Nurse practitioners fulfill a wide range of functions, including offering patients counseling on drug regimens, caring for a patient's personal medical needs, and seeing patients on the same basis as a general practitioner, under the supervision of a doctor. Essentially, a nurse practitioner has many of the same responsibilities and decision making abilities as a doctor, while retaining a closer relationship with the patient's specific personal needs and care. In many ways, nurse practitioners enjoy the best of two worlds, practicing medicine on a personally rewarding level.

Location: With a looming national shortage of medical care, nurse practitioners are in high demand everywhere. Many states are even seeking to expand their role in patient care. Large metropolitan areas offer the highest wages. NPs in Newark, N.J. earn the highest average salary, bringing in as much as $110,226. Morristown, N.J. and New York, N.Y. are also hot spots for NPs. North Dakota has the lowest paying NP jobs, with an average salary of $77,192..

Average salary: Factors such as location, specialty and the facility an NP works for affect average salary. An advanced registered nurse practitioner commands a higher salary, for example. Nurse practitioners working in metropolitan areas also earn higher wages. On average, an NP can expect to earn a salary of $80,364..

Tips for advancement: Nursing is a field that requires ongoing education. NPs can advance their careers by pursuing a particular specialty. According to, NPs interested in administration and management, who earn a Ph.D., can expect to earn a bit more than the average annual salary..

Perks: Seventy-eight percent of NPs receive medical benefits with 58 pecent also enjoying dental coverage and 40 erpcent getting vision benefits. Work environments are usually well-lit and comfortable. NPs enjoy a close relationship with their clients, spending more time with patients than doctors are usually able to. Working more independently than a Registered Nurse and having more control over working conditions and hours are also benefits of being an NP.

Tips for landing a raise: For a nurse practitioner, the sky is the limit as far as average salary. While location is one factor in pay, years of experience and the facility are also factors in what an NP earns. Working with a private clinic gives more room for negotiations. NPs working in a private setting are usually paid by the number of patients seen by receiving a percentage of the fee the clinic charges.

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