FrontierVille Horrors Part II: Headless Horseman glitches "fixed," but are they really?


Yesterday, we commented on the growing number of users that were finding FrontierVille practically impossible to play after the Headless Horseman missions stopped functioning, due either to game crashes, missing Horsemen or overall game slowdowns.

While Zynga had yet to comment on the situation then, they have made their voice heard now, via the official FrontierVille forums. According to a Bug Update thread posted yesterday evening, the following errors have been fixed:

  • The inability to click on the Horseman on your own Homestead

  • The disappearance of the Horseman from your neighbors' Homesteads

  • The error when collecting the Cannonball, which would cause the game to reset and the Cannonball to disappear

  • The inability to find ghost varmints

According to Zynga, the only remaining problem is the frequent occurrence of flash crashes for players (that being the kind of crash that shows a black screen or broken image with the game disappearing altogether).

However, with the fix of one or even four problems, we seem to have come across another, as users are reporting that now, when attempting to complete the final Headless Horseman mission, the game fails when clicking on Fanny Wildcat. Users click on her to hear what she has to say, are told that the game has lost its connection and must refresh. Upon refreshing and clicking on her a second time, the game "loses its connection" yet again, creating an unbreakable cycle (as you can't continue gameplay until you talk to Miss Wildcat).

Are you still experiencing any issues with the Halloween or Headless Horseman quests? If you are, Zynga asks that you post bug reports on this official thread to let them know which "fix" didn't work for you.

[Via Zynga Forums]

Has FrontierVille stopped working for you due to the Fanny Wildcat error, or has the game even allowed you to get that far? Let us know in the comments. Add comment