Fashion World Fragrance Machine: Everything you need to know

Fashion World by Metrogames (who was invested in by Playdom) is a fun game in which you can own your own fashion company that creates and sells clothing. Today, Fashion World players were greeted by a brand new feature - the ability to build a fragrance machine and manufacture perfumes! This is something new and exciting that we haven't see in any games yet, so we decided to get to the bottom of it and tell you how to build it.

First off, you should know that the Fragrance Machine is not just a decoration. Once you have built the machine, you can access a whole minigame of perfume creation. This minigame uses an energy mechanic similar to other Facebook games, and has many 'recipes' that you can make to unleash a world of scents upon your customers. To build the Fragrance Machine, there is a standard building game that you have seen in countless other games. Collect four each of Screws, Belts, Cogs, and Cables, and you will unlock the machine. You can also buy the entire machine for 12 Facebook Credits, or $1.20.

Once you have unlocked the Fragrance Machine, it is delivered right to your shop with a pretty bow on top. Click it to remove the bow, and you can then place the machine wherever you would like. Leave edit mode and click on the machine, and you'll see a list of perfumes that you can now make. Don't forget to take note of the new energy bar that you'll see on the top of your screen, which is needed in order to create perfumes.

There are four categories of perfumes, but only the first (Refreshing Body Mist) is unlocked at first. To access Eau De Toilette, Eau De Parfum, and Antique Parfum, you will have to master all of the first four perfumes. Each perfume costs a different amount of energy, ranging from 8-43, and you have 50 total energy to spend at time. Only one perfume can be made at a time, but at the moment we can't tell exactly how long it takes to make a perfume. This seems to be a Fashion World oversight, as we should definitely know how long it is going to take. Like other games, energy replenishes over time or you can ask for energy from your friends.

So far, we're liking the new Fragrance Machine and having fun learning to use it. What do you think of this new feature? Let us know in the comments!
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