City of Wonder Halloween Items: Have Dracula scare your villagers

While City of Wonder may not immediately jump out as a game that should be celebrating Halloween, the folks at Playdom have thrown caution (and perhaps realism) to the wind, releasing a whole Transylvanian set of items (comprised of spooky free gifts), along with some basic Halloween or otherwise terrifying new decorations and buildings to scare your villagers this holiday.

For a complete rundown of the available items, meet us after the break.

For starters, there are three limited edition buildings / decorations available to purchase from the in-game Bulletin that appears when you first launch the game. These items are a Headless Rider decoration, an Insane Asylum building and a Witch's Hut. The prices on these items range from 25-35 Gold, so I hope you have enough saved up to afford them.

Meanwhile, if you'd like to create your over version of Transylvania in your world, you can do so by constructing the Dracula's Castle marvel. You will need to have learned Religion and Masonry to begin construction on the project, and once the base is placed, you'll need 12 friends to help you build it. If you don't want to wait, you can also purchase the Castle for 40 Gold.

Other Dracula items are those that you can receive as gifts from friends. This event appears to be set up to allow one themed item to be present on the game's free gifts menu at a time, with the current offering being the Sanctuary of Dracula (apparently even evil beings need a place to relax). This building adds 10 culture and 100 Happiness Points to your town.

Finally, the in-game store also offers some Halloween items, like a Halloween Party, Candy Shop, and Graveyard. With items like these all costing varying amounts of coins, it guarantees that all users can get in on the fun, even if they don't want to shell out Gold or wait for friends to send them items.

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