Cafe World Halloween Drinks: Serve 'em before they're gone


Zynga has released a limited edition quartet of new drinks are now available to serve to your guests via the Cafe World Drink Bar. If you've built the bar, you have just a few days to serve these drinks to your friends, with the ultimate goal being to master them before they go away.

The four drinks are the Witch's Brew, Pumpkin Punch, Spookie Juice, and Hauntini. Depending on the drink you serve, each individual serving could net you anywhere from 4 to 9.2 Buzz Points, so serving these terrifying concoctions would be a great way to quickly boost your cafe's popularity, bringing in even more customers and allowing you to earn your profits from cooking even faster than before!

As with the Coffee Bar, the Drink Bar allows you to master recipes, with three levels of mastery being available for each of these four drinks. Just make sure to ask your friends to send you energy boosts so you can afford the particularly high price of the Spookie Juice and Hauntini to have a chance at mastering them in time.

For those that have yet to complete the Drinks Bar, make sure to check out our quick-gifting links for the required ingredients to build it. Pass those on to friends, and your guests will be drinking these themed drinks in no time!

[Via Cafe World Wiki]
[Image Credit: Cafe World Wiki]

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