Shrink or grow your Happy Island decor with new Magic Gems

Happy Island magical gems
Happy Island magical gems

Crowdstar's Happy Island has released two special items today that aren't your typical decorations. These two gems can be used to either enlarge or shrink your decorative items on your island. This is great if you've been trying to get that specific design you've been trying to create but can't get the right sized items you want. These gems are not cheap though, at 8 Facebook Credits (or 80 cents) each.

Topaz of Tinyness - 8 Facebook Credits
Garnet of Giants - 8 Facebook Credits

We like when game developers give us the opportunity to further customize our decorations by changing their color or allow them to be rotated. Now, Happy Island players can shrink or grow their attractions or decorations.

Have you purchased a magical gem yet? How big or small can you make your items?

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