Millionaire City celebrates Green Week with new items, homes

While Digital Chocolate's Millionaire City may be focused on living a fantastic life with all of the luxuries money can buy (the game is called Millionaire City after all), that doesn't mean that your spoiled citizens also shouldn't be looking out for the care and survival of Mother Earth. You don't want your city to crumble under pollution, now do you?

That being the case, they have celebrated Green Week, offering users a chance to add a bit of environmental conservation to their towns, via green technology, organic foods, and even luxury resorts and homes that follow the green theme.

Follow us behind the break to see the full selection of items.

There are currently six items available in this environmentally conscious theme. The first two are available to fairly low level players, and come in the form of a Windmill and Recycling Station.

Other items include 15 day Treehouses and Organic Gardens. To offer your citizens some peace of mind while living in the lap of luxury, they can now reside in Eco Resorts and Eco Luxury Homes, both of which are available to higher level players, requiring a level of at least 22 to start purchasing them.

A new feature has also been launched in the game, allowing users to spend a bit of Gold to unlock access to purchasing items that are currently locked due to their level. That being the case, if you'd like to splurge on some of these items, then treat yourself to a bit of early unlocking by shelling out some of your Gold supply to earn the right to purchase them.

Have you celebrated Green Week in your own Millionaire City, or are you saving your gold and money for another theme? Sound off in the comments. Add comment
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