It Girl releases Halloween superstore to dress up your avatar

It Girl Halloween
If you know anything about Halloween, you know that it's a big season for clothing stores. Everyone stocks the latest costumes and accessories to try to lure you in to their store. It Girl is no exception, and with the release of a new Halloween store and party, there is a ton to do to celebrate the holiday.

The first thing that you'll notice is the addition of the shop. It has 6 different costumes that you can discover, and restocks at 9pm just like all the other stores do. The items are insanely priced though, at over 2000 cash for almost every item. So far, I've only uncovered the 50's Pink Lady for 3439 cash, the Kitty Cat Costume for 2100, and the Ninja Costume for 2400 cash. This is far more than any other outfit I have found in the game, but perhaps I am just being stingy.

There is also a Halloween party that you can attend to earn cash and battle other avatars who are wearing Halloween costumes. You need a costume to go though, and since I couldn't afford one I don't have all of the details just yet. There are also costumes available for purchase with Facebook Credits, but they are pretty hefty in price. Here is the list of available costumes:

Marie Antoinette - 77 Facebook Credits
Sexy Devil - 69 Facebook Credits
Alice in Wonderland - 75
Facebook Credits
Hot Bunny - 71
Facebook Credits
Magic Fairy - 55
Facebook Credits
Cleopatra - 75
Facebook Credits
French Maid - 71 Facebook Credits
Spooky Witch
- 62 Facebook Credits

What do you think of the Halloween celebration in It Girl? Did you attend the Halloween party? If so, give us details in the comments!
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