Add more fright to your Hotel City this Halloween with new rooms, decorations

In addition to the Dracula Room released in Hotel City earlier this month, Playfish has been hard at work creating even more spooky rooms that may or may not scare the daylights out of your customers.

The first is the Pumpkin Room, available to purchase for 20 Playfish Cash. It will generate 200 coins and 200 experience points per hour. Other rooms are the Ghostly Attic and Mad Scientist Room.

In addition, some new decorative items have been added to the game's store, allowing you to transform your previously placed rooms into those that are also ready to trick or treat your guests this Halloween. It should be noted that most of these items are those that are found in the complete rooms mentioned above, so you can also put these rooms together yourself if you have the funds and patience to do so.

Some of the items include a Pumpkin Four-Posted Bed, a Pumpkin Red-Eyed Moon painting, a cobweb wallpaper, sofas and more. These items are available for both coins or Playfish Cash, so there's a little something for everyone to enjoy the season.

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