New FarmVille Scarecrow - Rainbowcrow (iPhone Only)


With all of the talk of FarmVille's Halloween celebration, it could be pretty easy to overlook the newest iPhone-only in-game item that has been released. What's the item? I'm glad you asked!

The Rainbowcrow is now available to users who play FarmVille on iPhone. It can be purchased for 80,000 coins from the market's Decorations tab. You can view a larger picture of the Rainbowcrow from the online version of the game, but again, you must be using the FarmVille for iPhone app in order to purchase the Rainbowcrow.

While you're there, remember that you can also send your friends a White Jack-O'-Lantern as a free gift, which is also an iPhone exclusive item.

Do you play FarmVille on your iPhone? If so, do you plan on purchasing one of these Rainbowcrows to decorate your farm, or have you already? Let us know in the comments! Add comment