Networks Block Users Watching Programs Via Google TV


Networks ABC, CBS and NBC are blocking viewers from accessing their programs through Google's (GOOG) Web TV service, demonstrating the challenges Google faces in getting content for its new product.

Users can't watch full-length episodes of show's including NBC's "The Office" and ABC's "Modern Family" on Google TV, The Wall Street Journal said.

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Google TV allows people to access the Internet and search for Web videos on their TV screens. Companies including Sony Corp (SNY) are already selling devices that use the software.

"Google TV enables access to all the Web content you already get today on your phone and PC, but it is ultimately the content owners' choice to restrict their fans from accessing their content on the platform," a Google spokeswoman said in a statement.

Media companies are skeptical that Google can provide a business model that would compensate them for potentially cannibalizing existing broadcast business.