Mafia Wars Italy My Village Properties: Everything you need to know

My Village
As the saying goes in Mafia Wars, "With a new city comes new properties." Well, someone had to have said that at some point. Anyway, there's a whole new set of six properties in Mafia Wars Italy to build up with another property on the way in a future update. So, let's just say that you're going to have your hands tied for quite a while this fall. Fortunately, Zynga has streamlined the property process somewhat and made everything a bit easier to understand.

However, we're here to make building your Italian Village even easier, so join us behind the break for a full guide on properties in Italy.
My Village
What's most interesting about the properties in Italy is how connected they are with the storyline. Once unlocked through specific jobs concerning each location, each property can be built and upgraded 10 levels, which each provide increased payout. Aside from the first property, each building requires one special item--in addition to the standard four pictured below--to construct that you'll find at random within the jobs that unlock the relevant property.

Upgrade your Port
Upon entering Italy, your first property, the Port (logically), is already open to you and ready for business. However, the Port provides a different kind of business than collecting Lira--you can buy predetermined items from the Port at Levels 1 through 10 with Lira. The items range from weapons to animals to vehicles (pictured below), oddly enough. What are all these things doing in a port, anyway?

Port Levels 1 to 5
Port Levels 6 to 10
Honestly, we're unsure as to why this feature was even added considering the abysmal stats on the items available compared to how much Lira they cost. It's an interesting spin on the traditional item crafting, but it would benefit from some beefier items.
Connect with La Familia
Your next property, the Villa, is unlocked after mastering the "Connect with La Familia" job in Roma. Thankfully, completing this job to Bronze Mastery should provide you with enough Volcanic Bricks--the Villa's special material--to at least start the Villa at Level 1. Continue the job into higher mastery levels to collect more Volcanic Bricks in order to upgrade your property and increase its payout, which can be collected every four hours.

WineOlive OilSwordfish

In addition to the loads of Lira waiting to be made, there are also Boosts provided by a select few Italy properties. The Wine is attained through the Winery and grants 100 Defense while the Olive Oil is found in the Villa and provides 150 Robbery Defense. Lastly, the Swordfish is found in--you guessed--the Fishery and grants 100 Attack. These Boosts seem like permanent increases to stats that you'll either acquire immediately or through upgrades.

This same trend continues throughout the Village properties, with each building unlocked through a specific job in Italy that also drops a special material needed to build it. Finally, Zynga is taking the easily understood yet difficult-to-master approach in Mafia Wars (not to mention the integrated storyline trick borrowed from FrontierVille) and it shines through in the new property system. While Robbery in Italy isn't live yet, we still recommend collecting from your properties regularly for when the feature finally does arrive and your enemies try to get their greedy hands on your dough.

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