Mafia Wars Italy Mastery Rewards: Defeat the bosses for powerful items

Boss Di Rossi
Di Rossi's ShotgunWhile Zynga might have outdone itself with the new job paths, properties system and boss fights in Mafia WarsItaly, we know that all you really want to see is the new Mastery Items. The proverbial carrot on a stick, the Mastery Items are the ultimate goal in the new Mafia Wars cities. So, here's a sneak peek at all five Mastery Items obtained by beating the pulp out of their owners.

Let's begin with Roma's Mastery Item, Di Rossi's Shotgun, an attack-heavy weapon:

  • Bronze: 75 Attack, 51 Defense
  • Silver: 85 Attack, 57 Defense
  • Gold: 96 Attack, 63 Defense
  • Ruby: 107 Attack, 69 Defense

Find the rest of Italy's drool-worthy Mastery Items after the break.
Boss Aldo Adriano
Aldo's Palermitan HorseTo lay your filthy mitts on Palermo's Mastery Item, Aldo's Palermitan Horse, you'll have to take down the scheming, manipulative Boss Aldo Adriano:

  • Bronze: 55 Attack, 82 Defense
  • Silver: 64 Attack, 95 Defense
  • Gold: 73 Attack, 108 Defense
  • Ruby: 82 Attack, 121 Defense

Don Del Brenta
Del Brenta Cane SwordIn Venzia, you'll need to defeat Don Del Brenta in a duel before swiping his Del Brenta Cane Sword, a defense-heavy weapon:

  • Bronze: 48 Attack, 88 Defense
  • Silver: 56 Attack, 103 Defense
  • Gold: 64 Attack, 118 Defense
  • Ruby: 72 Attack, 133 Defense

Volovino Twins
Italiano GazzettiMastering Milano and defeating the Volovino Twins will reward you with the Italiano Gazzeti, an attack-heavy Italian police cruiser:

  • Bronze: 96 Attack, 71 Defense
  • Silver: 111 Attack, 79 Defense
  • Gold: 133 Attack, 89 Defense
  • Ruby: 148 Attack, 98 Defense

Don Enzo Casazza

Enzo's MonacleLastly, in Napoli you'll have to pummel Don Enzo Casazza for Enzo's Monocle, which oddly enough is a high-defense piece of armor:

  • Bronze: 74 Attack, 104 Defense
  • Silver: 84 Attack, 121 Defense
  • Gold: 94 Attack, 138 Defense
  • Ruby: 104 Attack, 155 Defense

All in all, these Mastery Reward are impressive, but we expected some higher stats considering Las Vegas rewards like the Experimental Exosuit had over 200 Attack power at Ruby Mastery. While this is most likely because these are the earlier Regions in Italy, slightly higher stats would give even better reason to pick up these items .

[Source: Mafia Wars Wiki]

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