Mafia Wars Italy is finally live, wreak havoc in the motherland

Mafia Wars Italy
Mafia Wars Italy

Just as promised (and a day early!), Zynga has finally released the next city in the Mafia Wars universe, Italy. Your mission here to eliminate all of the biggest dons in Italy. This brand new location has all the trimmings of a Mafia Wars city: the job tiers, the properties, the boss fights and more. Just one look at Italy and it's clear that this city has more polish than any before it, making for one of the smoothest experiences yet.

Just like in Las Vegas, jobs have four levels of Mastery and are open to be tackled through either Energy or Fight paths. But what's most important this time around is that both paths do not need to be mastered to move on to the next of Italy's five Regions. All you need to do is topple the boss of each Region to move onto the next (finally). However, there is a new job path that appears less frequently: the Social Path. This new way of tackling jobs operates the same as Social Missions, but can only be made use of every eight hours, unfortunately. Regardless, it's nice to have the option of mixing things up every once in a while. Italy's primary currency, Lira, is also live and will be required to buy job items. So, go on and make your friends in New York proud.

What do you think of Italy so far? What do you think is in store for us in the later Regions? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.