Kocian Law Group: Drive-thru Justice [Everyone Needs a Gimmick]

The Kocian Law Group conducts its business in Manchester, Conn., in a building which once housed fast foods. So it has a drive-thru window -- which the law firm is putting to good use.

Since Kocian Law Group's niche is personal injury, the drive-thru makes it convenient for those with disabilities -- or just no times -- to swing by in a vehicle or wheel chair. No hassle. They can simply drop off or pick up documents. And, who knows, in time Kocian Law Group may be providing those initial consultations about the merits of a case on a drive-thru basis.

The second use is great publicity. Recently NBC Connecticut and Abovethelaw.com published articles on Kocian Law Group's drive-thru justice. Of course, that's going to bring browsers to the firm. The rest is then up to them to turn those browsers into buyers.

That brings you to the lesson in this: Everyone needs a gimmick. That holds whether you operate a business, are looking for a job, or intend to get ahead where you're already employed.

The challenge is that the gimmick can't be seen by others as, well, a gimmick. Here are tips on comporting yourself in gimmickville.

It's simply part of. The drive-thru window was already there in the building. It wasn't an add-on. You simply are so engrossed in your work that you're there ahead of and after everyone else. Saturdays too; that's just part of you.

You hardly notice. The objective is for others to pay attention. It's verboten for you to be self conscious about it. Discussing it could remove the magic.

Thank you. Of course you didn't intend for business, a job, or a promotion to come your way through this. When it does, you blink twice in disbelief and thank the person with great energy and enthusiasm.

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