Kerkorian to Pay More Than $10 Million in Back Child Support

Kirk Kerkorian
Kirk Kerkorian

Billionaire Kirk Kerkorian will pay $10.25 million in back child support despite the fact that his ex-wife's child isn't Kerkorian's biological daughter, the Associated Press reported.

Kerkorian will also pay $100,000 a month for child support to his ex-wife, who has admitted to faking a DNA test in an attempt to prove the child was biologically related to Kerkorian, the wire service reported.

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Lisa Bonder Kerkorian eventually disclosed that the biological father is film producer Stephen Bing, the Associated Press said. Attorney Michael Trope, who filed the settlement on behalf of the ex-wife in Los Angeles Friday, declined to comment, according to the wire service.

The 93-year-old CEO of closely held holding company Tracinda Corp. is worth $3.1 billion, making him the 307th richest person in the world, Forbes said this year. Kerkorian's investments have included a stake in Las Vegas casino operator MGM Mirage and the MGM film studio.

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