Ivy League colleges affordable for low income families

young woman walking at college with bookbags
young woman walking at college with bookbags

Too many low-income families discourage kids from applying to Ivy league schools out of fear that they cannot afford it. They don't realize that many Ivy League and high-end schools make sure the student doesn't have to fork over any more than they would at any public college. In fact, low-income families often get a full ride, or close to it when they are accepted to Ivy League colleges.

These schools do demand that students contribute to their own college expenses, in the form of a self-help component where the student is asked to pay between $1,500 and $3,000 from money they earned during the summer and through work study programs. Parents are also asked to contribute financially to the student's education. The amount of money they pay depends on the results of the FAFSA and the school's financial aid policies.

Keep in mind that you can qualify as a low-income family at a much higher income than if your students were at a state college. Overall, Ivy League colleges are at least as affordable as any other college the student can get into.

Here is a snapshot of what Ivy League colleges offer in financial aid:

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