Happy Aquarium Celebrates Halloween With Mummies, Ghosts and Cowfish... Oh My!


CrowdStar dove headfirst into the Halloween celebration in Happy Aquarium this week, adding a nice variety of Halloween themed TankMates and fish to the in-game store.

In terms of actual fish, you can now pick up either a Clownfish or a Cowfish. Don't be deceived by the name - this Clownfish isn't one of Nemo's relatives - it's a full-blown Clownfish down to the big red nose and bow tie! It goes for either 42 Pearls or 35 Facebook Credits (the equivalent of $3.50 US). The Cowfish, on the other hand, is exactly as it sounds, and is a cute yellow fish dressed in an ever cuter cow costume. This one is slightly cheaper, costing either 39 Pearls or 33 Facebook Credits to add to your tank.

Meanwhile, the two new Tank Mates come in the form of a Little Ghost and a Scuba Mummy. The Little Ghost costs a whopping 10,000 coins, while the Scuba Mummy will set you back either 58 Pearls or 48 Facebook Credits.

Out of these four items, only the Little Ghost seems to have staying power in the store, as the Clownfish, Scuba Mummy and Cowfish are all limited edition items. As of this writing, there are still at least 2,500 of each item left, but you'll still want to bust out that virtual (or real world) pocketbook soon to make sure you snag these Halloween-themed items before the season comes and goes and you are forced to wait another year!

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