Halloween: Capitalism In Disguise

halloweenHalloween is not one of those holidays like Christmas that everyone sees as commercial. That's why it's so commercial -- and profitable.

Sales related to Halloween totaled about $6 billion last year. That's just the tip of the iceberg. Think also about those impulsive dinners out and decisions to let loose and pop for a weekend at a resort. In addition, brand names can be created and enhanced. Newbie Generation Y parents are discovering the Bronx Zoo, based in New York, through its month-long programming around Halloween themes, like Boo. Perhaps Halloween could be thought of as capitalism in disguise.

So, listen up, you ambitious ones. Halloween can become the biggest opportunity in your career, at least if you know how to tap into the spirit of escapism. The mystique of Halloween, unlike that of Christmas, is light. It's all about otherworldly, dressing up to be someone or something else, mischief, and giving and expecting forbidden treats.

Transmit this spirit at work in a way that delights everyone's idiosyncrasies. Do that a couple years in a row and you could be recognized as the organization's next manager who has social intelligence down cold, special events person, or human resources trainee. The organization may even pop for you to get a college degree or executive MBA.

Repetition is the key to success. Next week on Oct. 28th, VCA Foxon Animal Hospital in East Haven, Conn., is hosting what is now an annual pets and people costume bash. The pets are to be the ones with the costumes. The best costumes win prizes. Lots of photos to post around VCA and on its website. Also there will be plenty of anecdotes to recount as well as gossip. ("Didn't Muffy look obese in that Lady Gaga outfit?")

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