FrontierVille Trick or Treat! Goals: Everything you need to know

Finally, Halloween has arrived in FrontierVille and with it, of course, comes new Goals. One of two series of Goals, "Trick or Treat!" tasks players with preparing their homestead for the big night and finally tricking and treating up a storm in their neighbors' homesteads. While these Goals are much lighter than the star of the show, they're required to finish defeating the Headless Horseman that's been ravaging our homesteads. Besides, who doesn't like trick-or-treating?

Join us after the break for a detailed guide on how to make the best of these new Goals.
Halloween Harvest
To prepare your homestead for Halloween, you'll have to finish the autumn harvest in "Halloween Harvest." If you don't have eight of each of these items already, you can easily find them in the Market. Finish this Goal rewards you with a modest 50 XP and 50 Food, but then again you didn't do much.

Ghost Bustin'
You may have noticed that the varmints you've been clobbering haven't exactly been going away. Well, just whack them again in "Ghost Bustin'" to fulfill this Goal's requirements. Unfortunately, tackling this daunting task is going to require lots of EJack-o-Lanternnergy, so stock up on Food and visit your friends if you want this Goal done in a jiffy. Completing this mission rewards you with 100 XP and the coveted Ghost Cannon, which you'll need later, trust us.

In "Wicked Decoratin'," it's time to spruce up the place all spooky-like. Buy a Jack-o-Lantern from the Market and place anywhere in your homestead. Then, click on the pumpkin to carve it and you'll be met by a menu screen like most buildings. To build a Jack-o-Lantern you'll have to ask your friends for four of each of these items (in addition to one Pumpkin Tarp): Seed Scoops, Detail Saws, Carving Knives and Hole Pokers. Lastly, you'll need to buy Headstones from the Market too--not to be confused with Tombstones. Do this and you'll be 200 XP and 250 coins richer.

Costume Page
To get all dressed up for "Trick or Treat," you'll need to buy a costume from the Market. Thankfully, some of the get-ups are available for coins, especially the hilarious Green Man costume for you It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia fans out there. Once you're all done up, head to your neighbors' homesteads and click on your friends to either trick them or treat them. Each of your friends can only be either tricked or treated once daily, so these requirements are going to take a while if you don't have plenty of friends. However, finishing this task will reward you with 300 XP and Halloween Balloons--everyone loves balloons.

Candy CornBobbing Apple
The final Goal in the series, "The Aftermath," is much simpler than those before it and half of it will most likely be completed by the time you arrive at the task. You'll have to collect three Candy Corn, which is a part of the Treat Collection that's fortunately completed through treating your neighbors (sound familiar?). Other than that, all you need to do is ask your friends for Bobbing Apples to get you on your way to 500 XP and a sweet Skeleton Costume. Too bad Green Man is way cooler...

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