FrontierVille Hex Collection: Complete this for a free Pumpkin Topiary

frontierville hex collection
frontierville hex collection

FrontierVille rolled out four new Collections for Halloween, including this spoOOooky new Hex Collection.

The collection consists of the following:

Groundhog Doll (collected from Ghost Groundhog)
Fox Doll (collected from Ghost Groundhog)
Bear Doll (collected from Ghost Bear)
Snake Doll (collected from Ghost Snake)
Bad Seed (harvested from pumpkins)

I also looted a few of these Hex items while duking it out with the creepy Headless Horseman mysteriously appeared on my property and neighbors' properties as well.

frontierville pumpkin topiary
frontierville pumpkin topiary

Once you've completed the collection, it can be turned in for a Pumpkin Topiary (see above). Aww, ain't that cute.

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Did you find these hex items anywhere else? Having trouble finding any single item? Sound off in the comments below. Add comment.