FrontierVille Headless Horseman Goals: Everything you need to know

frontierville headless horseman

The FrontierVille Headless Horseman Goals are finally live for everyone until Oct. 31 and just as promised, we have a full guide on all five Goals in the series. Prepare to be shocked and amazed as these might be the most visually impressive and challenging Goals seen to date.
Headless Horseman

Check behind the break for how to master the Headless Horseman and save your homestead from ghastly terror.
A Grave Tale
If you've yet to log in the game since the update, you'll find Miss Wildcat waiting to speak with you. It's at this point you'll notice that Zynga has seriously beefed up the storyline in these Goals. Once that's through you'll begin "A Grave Tale," the first Goal in the series.

As an introduction, this Goal is simple enough until the moment you place the foundations of the Graveyard on your homestead. It's then that the Headless Horseman will appear, forcing you to drive him off (trust us, wait on this one) much like a varmint, but doing so will cause him to appear on one of your friends' homesteads.Fortunately, placing the Graveyard nets you 100 XP and 250 coins as well as moves you along to the next Goal.

The Legend of Sleepy Junction
Next, you'll have to scare off the Headless Horseman in "The Legend of Sleepy Junction." Other than that crafting fire and asking friends for items should be second nature, so onward to Part III. (You'll receive 200 XP and a Skeleton Coffin for completing this Goal.)

Horseman's RampageThe third Goal, "Horseman's Rampage," will most likely send you on a rampage. Remember those horses that everyone most likely sold already? Well, you'll have to find five of them in your friends' homesteads and feed them, so good luck with that. Not to mention having to scare off the Horseman from five neighbors' homesteads, which also consumes your five favors.

To top it all off, you also need to chop down five of your neighbors' oak trees. In other words, this one is going to take a while. And all for a measly 200 XP and a Lantern? Thanks...

Ghost Cannon
"Finding the Weakness" is when things get, for lack of a better word, intense. Because this mission requires the Ghost Cannon, you'll have to catch up in FrontierVille's other new set of Goals, "Trick or Treat!" in order to move forward. Other than that, you'll have to find a Bloody Cannonball by clearing debris from your friends' homesteads while asking your friends for 10 Blessed Powders. Completing this Goal will reward you with a nice 300 XP and a Campfire.

Severed HeadThe fifth and final Goal in the series is "Rest in Pieces," which is actually simple enough. All you need to do is send the Headless Horseman back into the afterlife by blasting him with the Ghost Cannon using the Blessed Powders and Bloody Cannonball.

Defeating your noggin-less foe will cause him to literally lose his head, which is required to finish the Graveyard. Finish your personal cemetery to win a full Horseman or Horsewoman costume to strut around your homestead in this Halloween.

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[Source: FrontierVille Wiki]

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frontierville headless horseman
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