Foreclosure Attorney Fights Fla. Evictions


Attorney Tom Ice of Ice Legal, is going after anyone he can who is fueling the foreclosure crisis -- the robo-signers, banks, fellow attorneys. Wherever he finds a loophole, and there are plenty, he's working on closing them.

It's a tough job, he says, one that keeps him working long hours, but saving however many homeowners he can from foreclosure makes it all worthwhile.

"It drives me crazy: The attitude that banks have about the hard-working, ethical people I represent, whom they accuse of not keeping up with their responsibility of paying their home and calling them a moral hazard," Ice told HousingWatch.

"What about the moral hazard of banks getting bailed out by the government and the robo-signers," he asks, "who are in essence committing perjury and claiming they have personal knowledge of these documents when in fact they don't? It's simply not true."