FishVille's Halloween Celebration Explodes With 14 New Items!


Earlier this month, we brought you the news that FishVille's waters have become a heck of a lot scarier, with the inclusion of Halloween themed decorations and backdrops. This week, Zynga has expanded on that theme exponentially, adding 14 new items to the Halloween celebration.

Unlike the first release of solely premium items, this release includes both premium items and those available to purchase with regular old coins. Here's the full selection of new items:

  • Black Cat - 8 Sand Dollars

  • Chained Coffin - 11 Sand Dollars

  • Stone Coffin - 9 Sand Dollars

  • Bats - 8 Sand Dollars

  • Witch - 8 Sand Dollars

  • Pumpkin Display - 6 Sand Dollars

  • Classic Tombstone - 4 Sand Dollars

  • Spooky Moon - 3 Sand Dollars

  • Werewolf - 55,000 coins

  • Cemetery Fence - 11,000 coins

  • Handy - 60,000 coins

  • Cemetery Gate - 18,000 coins

And there you have it - all of the decorations you need to give your fish a frightfully good time this Halloween.

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