Credit Suisse: How You Can Become Part of Its Long Term

credit suisseCredit Suisse, like a number of other financial institutions, continued to hire throughout this year. This has been despite lackluster earnings. In 2010, Credit Suisse hired about 3,100.

Credit Suisse's focus is on the long term. How can you become part of that long term? The way into Credit Suisse -- as well as much of the financial services industry -- is by presenting yourself as hungry, hard-working, and totally committed to what it's about. Those attributes usually matter more than educational credentials, professional experience, or even a track record.

Here are some recommendations about applying to any financial institution for a job.

Don't act entitled. You are willing to start at the bottom. That shows you have the confidence to know that you won't stay there and the push to catapult yourself out of that slot.

Be determined to be licensed. Everyone in the industry has multiple licenses. Those come from studying for examinations such as the Series 6 and Series 7. Research these before you interview, such as talking to a friend in the industry about which one should you study for first if you are hired. Also ask what courses you might be taking such as in a new software or in micro accounting.

Know the organizational DNA. Every financial institution has a different one and is proud of it. You find that information out by reading about the company and talking to those who have worked or are working there. Note factors such as amount of risk-taking, who rises to the top, what causes careers to implode, and what are the policies, rituals and rites of passage. When interviewing, mirror as much of that culture as you can.

Not everyone might encourage you to enter this career path. After all this is the era of regulatory reform in financial services. It's up to you what you want from a career and whether you can find it in a company like Credit Suisse.

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